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UK Commercial Property amidst Residential Market Fluctuations

June 7, 2023 | Portfolio Management
Bankie Williams, CEO of The Sure Group, outlines some key considerations for commercial property management amidst recent residential property market movements.

As Chair of The Sure Group Limited, I am writing in light of the recent news about the contraction in residential property prices. I’d like to elucidate the differences between the home and commercial property markets, set some expectations, and highlight the key considerations in commercial property management amidst such residential property news.

Sky News and others have reported a 3.4% year-on-year fall in house prices in May, marking the most significant annual drop in nearly 14 years. This development, while significant, does not necessarily mirror the trends in the commercial property market. The two markets, while interconnected, operate on different dynamics and are influenced by distinct factors.

The residential market is primarily driven by supply and demand, personal circumstances, and macroeconomic factors such as interest rates and inflation. In contrast, whilst these all play a significant part, the commercial property market is more directly tied to business performance within a variety of business markets and investor sentiment (with those investors coming from within and beyond British shores).  Ultimately, yes, the markets are driven by two sides of the same coin perhaps, but some subtle differences make a difference all the same.

In the commercial sector, we have seen a shift in demand patterns due to changes in the way we work and shop. The rise of e-commerce and remote working has impacted the demand for retail and office spaces, while simultaneously increasing the demand for light industrial and logistics properties. It’s trend watching like this that reminds me of the  importance of adaptability and diversification in commercial property investment.

As commercial property management service providers, our role is to help our Clients navigate any changes, of all forms, whether they come from within the company, the competitive landscape, the supply chain, or local, national or global economy and to do all we can to help businesses manage their property assets and portfolios most effectively. This includes regular property reviews, proactive maintenance, project management, building consultancy and many other services to ensure your assets continue to deliver optimal returns, whether property prices in one or another commercial property sector are rising or falling.

In light of the current market conditions, we believe that diversification is key to maintaining a robust property portfolio. This might involve exploring different property types, such as light industrial or serviced properties, which have shown resilience amidst market shifts.

Furthermore, we are actively monitoring the market and regulatory changes to provide you with timely updates and advice. For instance, the UK government’s recent changes to planning laws could open up new opportunities for repurposing commercial properties.

In conclusion, while the contraction in UK house prices is noteworthy, it is crucial to differentiate between the residential and commercial property markets. As your trusted property management partner, we are here to guide you through these uncertain times, ensuring your property assets are well-managed and continue to serve your financial goals.

Remember, property investment is a long-term game. Market fluctuations are part and parcel of the journey, and it is our job to help you navigate these changes strategically. We appreciate your trust in us and look forward to continuing to serve you in these challenging times.

Bankie Williams, CEO, The Sure Group Limited.


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