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Mastering the UK Facilities Management Landscape: A Bitesized Guide for Britain’s SMEs

June 16, 2023 | Facilities Management
A quick guide through the Hard and Soft FM sector from our Facilities team.

In the fast-paced world of commercial property management, the significance of facilities management is at an all-time high. For Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the UK, staying on top of the latest trends and developments in the UK Facilities Management sector can unlock the door to operational excellence and greater business prosperity.

Facilities Management: The Current Scenario

The UK Facilities Management sector is in the midst of a transformative phase. According to a recent report by the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM), the drive towards sustainability is fuelling the adoption of eco-friendly technologies across both hard and soft facilities management services. Hard services, such as building maintenance and energy management, are increasingly embracing renewable energy sources and energy-efficient systems. Simultaneously, soft services like cleaning and security are pivoting towards green products and practices.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted the critical role of health and safety in facilities management. Services such as deep cleaning, air quality monitoring, and space planning have taken centre stage, with businesses prioritising the health and wellbeing of their employees and customers.

A Professional Perspective

We recognise that these developments pose both challenges and opportunities for SMEs. The transition towards sustainability might necessitate an initial investment but can yield substantial cost savings over time. Moreover, it can bolster your company’s reputation, as customers and stakeholders increasingly appreciate businesses that demonstrate environmental stewardship.

The heightened focus on health and safety, while essential, can be resource-intensive. However, delegating these services to a professional facilities management company can ensure regulatory compliance, freeing you to concentrate on your core business operations.

The Latest Research Insights

Recent research by Mordor Intelligence reveals an emerging trend towards integrated facilities management, where a single company delivers multiple services. This approach can offer cost savings and improved service coordination, making it an appealing option for SMEs.

Moreover, the integration of technology in facilities management is gaining momentum. Tools such as Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices can enhance efficiency and provide invaluable data for informed decision-making.

Diagram showing visual representation of the integrated facilities management process, demonstrating how various services can be synchronised for optimal efficiency.


While navigating the UK Facilities Management sector may appear challenging, armed with the right knowledge and resources, SMEs can convert these challenges into opportunities. By keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest trends and developments, and forging a partnership with a professional facilities management company, SMEs can ensure their facilities are well-managed, sustainable, and primed for business success.


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