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UK Government RAAC (‘Weak’) Concrete Inquiry – Information for Clients

June 16, 2023 | Building Consultancy
The UK government's widened inquiry into the use of substandard, or 'weak', concrete within the building industry marks a significant development for the commercial property sector.

The UK government’s inquiry into weak (RAAC) concrete could have a growing impact on UK commercial property owners or occupiers. 

The investigation is focusing on any structure constructed using Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete materials and spans across a wide variety of buildings, from hospitals and schools – expanded this week to include all central and local government properties, following confirmation in a LGA briefing.

RAAC concrete is characterised by its failure to meet necessary strength standards due to the use of poor-quality raw-materials, improper mixing or inadequate curing, presents substantial safety risks. Potential problems include increased vulnerability to structural damage such as cracking or spalling, which can lead to more serious complications like leaks, flooding, or even structural collapse. LGA members have been advised to check, “as a matter of urgency, whether any buildings in their estate have roofs, cladding or walls made of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete”.

In response to this issue, the government has created a special task force, with the objectives of identifying and then further assessing affected buildings. They’ve also earmarked a sum of £200 million to aid with necessary repairs.

For commercial property owners or occupiers who suspect their buildings may have been constructed using RAAC concrete, we’d recommend calling upon our Building Consultancy for advice.  Our team can help determine if your property is affected and then help create suitable plans to best deal with the situation.

However, the inquiry could have significant implications for private property owners – given large swathes of central and local governament “estates have been sold to the private sector, meaning that private landlords could face costly investigations into the presence of RAAC in their buildings.”

Consequences may include businesses suddenly being faced with high-cost repairs, which may affect property owners’ and businesses’ financial planning. In extreme cases, demolition might be necessary, causing disruption to service or leases.  Additionally, the property value could be negatively affected by the stigma of weak concrete, making it potentially more challenging to sell or lease the property.

As a priority, private as per the public sector, want our buildings to be safe and secure with many no doubt, hoping to identify and resolve problems proactively.  Our professionals are positioned to help business evaluate any such risks and, if necessary, devise and manage effective repair (or otherwsie) plans. We can even help businesses seeking to access financial assistance set aside by the government.

The inquiry is currently investigating approximately 10,000 buildings across the UK and is expected to continue for several years.  Throughout this period, we’ll remain committed to assisting our clients in navigating the complexities of the weak / RAAC concrete problem, whilst ensuring their properties meet safety standards and regulatory compliance.

We’ll keep you informed as the inquiry progresses, so helping you to make better informed decisions.

Be Sure. Projectsure.


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