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How to Avoid Radon in Buildings.

September 14, 2022 | Building Consultancy
Don't let hidden dangers slip past your property managers.
The first week of November is UK Radon Awareness Week from the UK Radon Association. 

We’re once again pleased to see the association continue its great efforts to encourage action on radon with their “Don’t Delay” campaign.

Visit their website to uncover the three simple steps you can take as an SMB owner / manager to manage the radon levels in your property portfolio’s buildings.

1) Check if your building is in a ‘Radon affected’ area.

2) If your buildings are in such an area order a radon measurement pack and measure the levels.

3) If the radon levels are measured as ‘High’ then take steps to reduce it through usually simple building works.

“Need to fulfil your health and safety requirement as an employer? Do you have a large property portfolio? Need to test your workplace?”

Find the information you need and more by visiting their webpages for employers here.

Alternatively, ask your Projectsure contact about Radon and it’s impact on your business and colleagues by emailing hayley@projectsure.co.uk

Whilst we are not associated with the UK Radon Association, we will be encouraging all our Clients to make themselves aware of this potential threat within workplaces.


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