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Portfolio Management.

Ensuring Legal Document Control.
Improving profitably and sustainabilty.

For many business owners operating from commercial property is an essential part of their business, ensuring that their commercial estates comply with the latest legal and health and safety related regulations can incur substantial annual management overheads and managing a portfolio can be fraught with risk, especially if you get it wrong.

In light of recent changes to the economy and building regulations, many businesses are looking to re-purpose, re-size and re-design the uses of their property portfolio, but are unaware of their contractual terms, the current regulations and other legal frameworks they maybe in breach of.

Projectsure specialize in commercial trade and distribution and retail and leisure industries on behalf of corporate, institutional, and private clients throughout the UK and offer a variety of services for developers, investors, lenders, and tenants.

Whether your organization is looking to invest in the acquisition or make a disposal of a commercial property, develop a portfolio strategy, have your current assets appraised, enhance sustainability, lease new space, recover lost asset value, or simply reduce your costs….we are here to help.

Our comprehensive service ensures all document management is accurately maintained and filed securely with 24/7 ease-of-access using our Cloud Apps.

  • Site searches
  • Acquisitions and disposals
  • Full lease lifecycle management
  • Contract and document control
  • Property accounting and financial reporting
  • Budget development and management
  • Rent and rates control
  • Landlord and Tenant relations
  • Market rent analysis

Legal Document Control?
We'll take a load off your mind.
Contact Richard Haynes today to see how the projectsure team could manage your legal documentation requirements and save you time, money & risk.

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