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Projectsure are a growing team of property subject specialists supporting SMEs across the UK.

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Our approach is simple:
Do our best for Clients and we’ll do well.

At Projectsure, we’re dedicated to supporting our clients in their implementation, control, and delivery of their short or long-term property management tasks.

Between our Director-level team of subject specialists, we have many decades of experience – managing all kinds of properties, for businesses operating across the DC, Logistics, Retail, Healthcare and Service, Sporting and other sectors.  

Our passionate and friendly professionals are based out of their homes in different regions across England, but will often be found out in the field or visiting one of our two offices in Cheshire and Worcestershire.

We embrace new technologies and are always keen to adopt new, improved, approaches to problem-solving and reporting – all in our quest to help clients tackle the property challenges of today, such as sustainable buildings, rapidly-changing legislation, rising costs and supply chain pressures. 

Our scaleable team is here to support you when you need us most,  as your requirements demand or when you’re seeking some invaluable, strategic advice to help forge a clearer pathway to success. 

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Why outsource to the Projectsure team?

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Our agility, independence and low, office overheads enable us to offer an exceptional service with a very competitive pricing structure (available upon a request for proposal).  By leveraging our industry contacts and expertise, we can also help you minimise costs, eliminate unnecessary expenses and maximise the return on your property investments.

With our robust financial, personnel, and technical resources, Projectsure operates flexibly and iteratively, enabling swift adaptation to client needs, project challenges, and regulatory changes.

Our team of property management experts, including our RICs-qualified Building Consultant, are well-versed in the complexities of the  commercial property market. They possess a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a proven track record of delivering outstanding results for our clients.

With our team coming from many of the same industries that our Clients operate within, we truly understand the pressures facing businesses in today’s economic climate.  We also understand that every business is unique. That’s why we offer bespoke property management solutions, designed to suit your individual requirements, whether you have a single commercial property or a sprawling portfolio.

We pride ourselves on being open, honest, and responsive. With our online reporting systems that use Monday.com and other trusted SaaS systems (that can be adapted to suit your team’s (or your FD’s requirements) you can monitor the performance of your properties at any time, from anywhere in the world.  Securely. Each of our Client accounts is also monitored by our own internal Financial Account Manager.

We lower clients’ operating expenses, increase efficiencies and free-up resource.

Projectsure is led by an executive-level team of project, portfolio and facilities management specialists who have been delivering outstanding results and hands-on support for commercial businesses with responsibility for multiple properties as landlords, tenants, or investors, across the UK, since 2017.

Our fully-managed services are good for business.

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